High Security Number Plate: What is It & How to Apply Online [2024 Explained]

High Security Number Plate: What is It & How to Apply Online [2024 Explained]

A High Security Number Plate acts as a safety net and ensures extra protection for your vehicle. It is also called High Security Registration Plate and is designed with advanced security features to curb counterfeiting, tampering, and vehicle-related crimes. So, in this article, we will explore the significance of High Security Number Plates, who needs them, their benefits, the application process, charges, and a lot more.

What is a High Security Number Plate?

High Security Number Plates, also known as HSRP, are licensed plates that incorporate advanced security features to deter fraudulent activities related to vehicle identification. These number plates are mandatory for all vehicles in India and aim to enhance road safety and ensure the authenticity of vehicles on the road.

The HSRP plate is made of aluminum or other durable materials and has a unique identification number, a hologram, and the vehicle’s registration number. These security features make this number plate virtually impossible to forge, protecting vehicles from theft and illegal activities.

Who Needs a High Security Registration Plate?

High Security Number Plates are a mandatory requirement for all vehicles in India as specified by MoRTH. Both private and commercial vehicles need to have these plates affixed. Whether you own a car, motorcycle, truck, or any other motor vehicle, obtaining an HSRP is crucial to comply with regulations and improve road safety. Please note that all the vehicles bought after April 2019 have this number plate installed. Those who have purchased their vehicle before this need to upgrade to an HSRP, it is essential to do so at the earliest to avoid penalties and ensure your vehicle’s security.

Benefits of High Security Number Plates

High Security Number Plates offer numerous benefits that go beyond just identifying a vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages they provide.

1. Deterrence Against Vehicle Theft

High Security Number Plates advanced security features are a powerful deterrent against vehicle theft. These plates are virtually impossible to tamper with or duplicate, making it extremely difficult for thieves to replace them with counterfeit plates. By having an HSRP affixed to your vehicle, you significantly reduce the risk of theft and increase the chances of recovering your vehicle in case it is stolen.

2. Authenticity Verification

The unique identification code and hologram on High Security Number Plates allow authorities to quickly and easily verify the authenticity of a vehicle. This verification process helps reduce vehicle-related fraud, such as selling stolen vehicles or using fake number plates. Law enforcement agencies can rely on these plates to ensure that the vehicles they encounter on the roads are genuine and legally registered.

3. Enhanced Road Safety

By promoting the use of High Security Number Plates, the Indian government aims to enhance road safety. The unique identification codes and holograms make identifying vehicles involved in traffic violations, accidents, or other unlawful activities easier. This information enables authorities to act appropriately and maintain law and order on the roads. Furthermore, the presence of HSRPs reduces the likelihood of criminals using vehicles for illegal activities while remaining unidentified

4. Hassle-free Tracking

It is easy to track HSRP through a Laser Identification Recognition System. This number plate has a unique laser-etched serial number read by the ANPR-enabled cameras. The hassle-free tracking not only ensures transparency but also helps reduce the number of criminal activities.

Colour Code of High Security Registration Plate (HSRP)

It is mandatory for all vehicle owners to incorporate HSRP and colour coded stickers for their car and bike. This colour coded sticker is helpful in identifying the fuel type of the vehicle as well as the Bharat stage. The colour coded sticker is installed on the vehicle’s windscreen. Petrol and CNG vehicles get a blue sticker, diesel vehicles get orange stickers, and electric vehicles have a green sticker.


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