HSRPs for Arunachal Pradesh

HSRPs for Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is the last among the eight North Eastern state to implement the central scheme introduced in the country in 2004. But it gained momentum after the Supreme Court made it mandatory for all state governments to implement it.

Switching over to HSRPs for existing vehicles will be taken up simultaneously at rates notified by the department, Papum Pare and Capital DTO Marik Loyi said.

The HSRP is a scheme introduced by the Centre to prevent revenue leakage, nationwide uniform number plates, check repeated vehicle theft and misuse of vehicles by criminals by easily changing number plates, Loyi said.
HSRPs are tamper-proof and non-replaceable, which could prove to be a deterrent to car thieves. It will also aid in creating a computerized, national data of motor vehicles

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