Will Karnataka Extend HSRP Deadline For Installing Number Plate After June 12?

Will Karnataka Extend HSRP Deadline For Installing Number Plate After June 12?

Mandatory installation of High Security Registration Plates (HSRPs) on all old vehicles in Karnataka is nearing its end, yet motorists have shown little enthusiasm. Despite a previous extension, only 3.5 million out of over 20 million vehicles in the state have been registered so far. The question remains: will the deadline be extended again?

Originally, the deadline for getting the HSRP was May 31. However, the state government has assured that no punitive action will be taken until June 12. This extension applies to vehicle owners who registered their vehicles before April 1, 2019.

The government has tasked private companies with producing the number plates. Despite submitting the correct documents, some customers have received incorrect number plates. While some errors have been rectified, others are still in the process of correction. As June 12 approaches, and with the transport department considering imposing fines thereafter, vehicle owners are now motivated to replace their registration plates.

The Karnataka government previously extended the HSRP deadline from February 17th to May 31st, 2024. However, with only 12 days remaining, vehicle owners appear unperturbed. The initial extension received a lukewarm response, with only 1.8 million registrations during the last phase. Although the current number is higher, it still falls significantly short of the total vehicles requiring HSRP. This lack of urgency raises questions about the government’s next steps.

HSRP Number Plate In Karnataka: Vehicle Owners Find Out Rules, Fines And More As Deadline Nears

What’s the issue?

Numerous reports across the state indicate that customers either provided incorrect information or received number plates with incorrect details despite providing accurate information on the HSRP registration website. Hundreds of such cases have occurred in various showrooms, including in the Udupi district. If there is an error on the number plate, the correction process is notably slow.

FIR mandatory

Vehicles registered after 2019 are provided with HSRP number plates by the respective agency before they hit the road. For vehicles registered before this, if there is an error in the HSRP number plate and it needs to be reapplied, an FIR copy is mandatory, compelling customers to visit police stations.

What is a High Security Registration Plate (HSRP)?

An HSRP, or High Security Registration Plate, is an aluminum plate that features a 20×20 mm chromium hologram of the Ashoka Chakra Mudra in the top left corner. These plates have embossed English letters and numbers and are secured with two locking pins, making it easy to differentiate genuine plates from fakes.

How to Obtain an HSRP?

Visit the Karnataka Transport Department website or the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) website.

Select your vehicle manufacturer.

Enter your vehicle’s basic details.

Choose a convenient HSRP installation dealer location.

Pay the HSRP fee online (cash payments are not accepted).

An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your mobile number.

Schedule a date and time for HSRP installation at your convenience.

Visit the chosen manufacturer/dealer for installation. (Optional) HSRP installation at your home or office is also available.

Book HSRP registration only through the Karnataka Transport Department website or the SIAM website.

Avoid counterfeit HSRP plates, similar plates, or smart number plates with fake holograms or the “IND” mark offered by roadside vendors. These are not genuine HSRP plates.

It’s important to note that until HSRP is installed, vehicle-related services like ownership transfer, address change, installment agreements, and registration renewals will be unavailable.

If you have a valid HSRP receipt within 30 days of the due date and have paid the fee, no penalty will be imposed.

The final deadline for HSRP adoption is May 31st. Apply soon

Why Choose HSRP and What Makes it Special?

HSRP registration plates are highly secure and tamper-proof. They feature a chromium hologram of the Ashoka Chakra, measuring 20 mm x 20 mm, hot-stamped in the top left corner of both the front and rear plates as a security measure to deter counterfeiting. They have a blue wheel-like hologram on one side and a unique 10-digit identification number below it. The word “India” appears in English numerals at various points on the plate. These features make them nearly impossible to copy.

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